• Comprehensive data, analyses, and collaboration
    platform for faster and better informed strategic decisions
    in aerospace and defense markets

A complex, rapidly evolving U.S. Department of Defense budget and increased aerospace & defense industry competition demand greater flexibility and responsiveness from players in the defense, homeland security, and technology markets.

VisualDoD combines budgetary, market, and competitive data with powerful visualization and analytical tools to enable your organization to analyze the market effectively and make timely strategic decisions.

VisualDoD addresses critical questions for aerospace and defense companies including:

  • What are the dynamics of the U.S. defense budget and defense market?
  • What are the current U.S. Department of Defense research and purchase priorities?
  • How should we align our portfolio to the evolving budget and market?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for our products and services?

What VisualDoD provides


Budget, legislative, and market trends

  • Integrated budget, legislative, and market analytics across the US defense sector, spanning procurement, research, and services

Competitive insight

  • Tactical analyses of defense industry players, competitive trends, and evolving market factors driving growth and opportunities

Supply chain

  • Comprehensive breakdown of systems and suppliers to enable you to better understand government needs and target your offerings


Better decision making

  • Derive insights specific to your business based on a tailored view of the market and US budget priorities
  • Track and monitor market shifts with regularly updated, dynamic market insights
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities across the organization with shared access to VisualDoD’s analytic platform

Improve business agility

  • Accelerate analysis and decision making with customized dashboards for your product and services portfolio
  • Speed up response to competitor strategy with tailored dashboards to analyze competitor moves

Enhance productivity and efficiency

  • Save >50% of analyst time on business cycle budget analysis
  • Replace fragmented data on multiple independent purchases with an integrated web-based data and analytical platform
  • Use powerful, purpose-built tools for day-to-day budget and market analyses
  • Collaborate with internal customers and stakeholders with a shared analytic platform

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