• Numetrics delivers analytics-driven R&D performance
    benchmarks and accurate estimates of design complexity, project
    duration, and staffing requirements to optimize productivity and
    reduce project delays, typically resulting in 20-40% higher R&D
    capacity and 60-90% reduction in TTM delays.

Underestimating project complexity and overestimating team productivity are the top two reasons for late delivery.

Numetrics allows R&D leaders to measure and benchmark the productivity achieved on completed projects, create a solid performance baseline, generate more accurate plans, and allocate the appropriate resources for new projects.

Use Numetrics’ tools to answer critical questions in R&D
execution such as:

  • CxO/Executives
    How can I improve time-to-market performance and evaluate overall R&D performance?
  • Engineering leadership 
    What are the root causes of low R&D productivity? What is the optimal allocation of resources across projects to reduce scheduling risk?
  • Project/product managers
    How do I calculate design complexity and generate fact-based plans for new projects?

Numetric's complexity metric represents the standard effort required for a project and is used to reduce product development risks through fact-based planning and “what-if” simulations. The platform is built on comprehensive industry databases of benchmarked projects (~2,000 integrated circuit and ~1,600 software projects) and empirical models. It includes a robust set of charting and reporting tools so that you can compare your projects and R&D productivity against industry trends and typical distributions for key performance metrics. Numetrics is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) through an easy-to-use web interface. We offer three products:

R&D Performance Benchmarking

R&D Performance Benchmarking analyzes project execution to compare your product development performance against industry peers or across internal teams to evaluate improvement opportunities and close the gap to best-in-class. Use it to:

  • Measure development team productivity
  • Benchmark execution against industry peer groups on standardized metrics such as project effort, duration, team size, reuse leverage, etc.
  • Create a performance baseline and develop quantifiable improvement opportunities

Project Planner

Project Planner is an analytical platform to help you make fact-based decisions on optimal staffing at a project’s outset to meet your schedule and quality requirements. Use it to:

  • Accurately estimate product development cycle time and staffing requirements from a technical description of the final product
  • Generate early top-down project plans, perform risk analysis on bottom-up plans, and continuously refine plans during the project life cycle
  • Simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios to trade off project cycle time vs staffing level, functionality, and performance
  • Calibrate project plans against industry norms to validate schedule and staffing assumptions
  • Calculate “should-cost” of third-party development

Multi-Project Pipeliner

Multi-Project Pipeliner aggregates project-specific plans, providing you with a complete view on resource demands and visibility into future staffing bottlenecks, by role and over time, so that you can match available resources to the product development pipeline. Use it to:

  • Identify future staffing needs and bottlenecks
  • Make informed decisions on project priority and staffing tradeoffs
  • Optimize resource utilization across the product pipeline


Use Numetrics to optimize project planning and reconcile competing constraints, including resource availability, product functionality, time-to-market and development cost. 

Gain transparency

  • Measure and create a baseline for R&D capability across metrics, e.g., productivity, throughput, cycle time, quality
  • Identify root causes of bottlenecks, low productivity, and inefficiency
  • Benchmark internally across groups and externally to industry peers
  • Understand what best-in-class peers do differently

Optimize project planning and risk assessment

  • Determine schedule, resources, and cost requirements
  • Readily identify high-risk project plans before committing
  • Optimally staff projects to achieve maximum productivity
  • Quantify your R&D organization’s capacity

Boost R&D productivity & throughput

  • Plan and execute a successful R&D transformation program
  • Identify and apply internal best practices across teams
  • Design tailored improvement initiatives

Numetrics can be applied either as a consulting engagement or as an annual subscription model.

Consulting engagement

  • Quantitative R&D Diagnostic 4 – 6 weeks
  • Comprehensive R&D Diagnostic 8 – 10 weeks

Annual subscription

Numetric's products are available on a subscription basis. Companies can license Numetrics’ SaaS applications and log in directly via standard Web browsers. Subscriptions include user training and support and can be supplemented with expert consulting services.

Contact: Numetrics@mckinsey.com

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